by folks, for folks
When Pinewood was founded in 1996, we didn?t spend many thoughts on marketing.
All energy went into developing outdoor gear that we wanted to use ourselves, that became our favorites,
and always came with us out into nature. Regardless if it was picking mushrooms, to the fishing lake, the
trail, or the moose stand. And we kept on like that. Created and grew. Listened to folks, reconsidered,
came up with new solutions. Today we are proud of our products. Especially for how they make people
feel. So many use Pinewood every day ? for the same reason as we do. The freedom of getting into nature.
A freedom worth fighting for. The care for nature has always been a part of
Pinewood ? and today more than ever, our attitude toward sustainability affect how we produce, design,
ship, package and recycle. The nature we have around the corner means everything. The aim is that no
one should have to think about the garments they wear. Not in the moment. And to wear the right gear is
important, if you want to avoid thinking about what you?re wearing. The moment is about what sausages
to bring to the picnic. The hours in the boat with the kids. Mushrooms where you never could have
guessed. Hunting your dream game. Not apparel. And this is why we relentlessly work day in and day out
to make sure each detail of Pinewood garments are so good, that you don?t even think about it.
The best marketing is when you?re not thinking about us, but instead of your own experience. When
night falls, the sun sinks below the treeline, and the day?s adventure is felt in both
legs and dimples. That?s more than anyone could ask for.
Pinewood. At the heart of reality.

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